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Light Screen
© Estate of Adrian Heath

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Light Screen 1954 / 1982

Not on display

By the mid-1950s some of Heath’s contemporaries were beginning to experiment with three-dimensional constructions using industrial materials. In around 1954 Heath himself began to explore this avenue with plastic reliefs of which this work seems to be the only surviving example. ‘Light Screen’ does not resemble the reliefs by Victor Pasmore or Mary Martin but rather recalls those made by Hungarian-American artist László Moholy-Nagy. Its planes, which seem to advance from the background through the foreground surface into the spectator’s own space, also resemble those in the paintings of Czech abstract artist František Kupka of around 1912 which Heath admired. The original relief was made in 1954 but due to damage Heath remade it in 1982.

Glossary Open


A form of sculpture where the image or design projects from a flat surface types of which include, bas-relief or low relief.



  • Acc. No. GMA 5051
  • Medium Perspex and plastic
  • Size 56.50 x 55.50 x 2.00 cm
  • Credit Bequeathed by Mr Ken Powell 2006 [received 2008]