Search Instructions

Search across the various types of information associated with a work of art – artist, title, descriptive text, date, medium & accession number.
Type a search word or phrase into the search box and click Go, or hit the return key.

Search Tips

As this search is quite comprehensive, choosing the correct search term(s) is important. Entering "black" will return works by artists of that name, works with "black" in the title or the text, and even works that have "black chalk" as a medium.

  • Start with the obvious – to look for text about sculpture or sculptors, try "sculpture", but add other terms to narrow your search e.g. "bronze sculpture".

  • By default, only works of art that include all of your search terms (anywhere in the text) will be displayed. There is no need to include "and" between terms.

  • If you are unsure how to spell a name or the term is very long,  search for a portion of the word using a wildcard character. Enter an asterisk(*)  after a portion of the search phrase, e.g. Kokos*.