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Port Glasgow Town Hall Christmas Party
© Mark Neville

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Port Glasgow Town Hall Christmas Party 2005

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  • Scottish Art
In 2004, Mark Neville spent a year as artist in residence in Port Glasgow, a town confronting in concentrated form the hardship of Scotland’s post-industrial decline. His stay resulted in a photographic book which he then distributed free as a gift to the community. This image featured on the front cover of the book and quickly took on an iconic status. The book, according to the Greenock Telegraph, caused a “sensation”, as locals expressed both their disgust and appreciation. It revealed, in the words of one respondent, that “we [Portonians] like a good party”. With the project, Neville sought to reignite the potential of the documentary tradition. Photography, he insists, can and should be shared.

Glossary Open

Documentary photography

Photographs that are presented as a straightforward record of events, people and places.


A devotional image, usually depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary or a saint, traditionally associated with the Byzantine, Greek and Roman Orthodox Churches. By extension, it is used to denote an important and enduring symbol.

Documentary photography, Icon


  • Acc. No. PGP 420.1
  • Medium C-type hand print
  • Size 100.00 x 125.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased 2008