Further Research

The following publications and websites offer more information on Scottish Art.

Where this feature has focussed on Scottish Art in the National Galleries of Scotland alone, these publications present a broader analysis of the topic, and provide a good grounding for who intend to study this topic in greater depth.


  • Selina Skipwith and Bill Smith, A History of Scottish Art, London, 2003
  • Peter McEwan, Dictionary of Scottish Art and Architecture, London, 1994
  • Duncan Macmillan, Painting in Scotland: The Golden Age, London, 1986
  • John Morrison, Painting the Nation: Identity and Nationalism in Scottish Painting, 1800-1920, Edinburgh, 2003
  • Murdo Macdonald, Scottish Art, London, 2000
  • Duncan Macmillan, Scottish Art 1460-2000, Edinburgh, 2000
  • Duncan Macmillan, Scottish Art in the Twentieth Century, Edinburgh, 1994
  • William Hardie, Scottish Painting: 1837 to the Present, London, 1990

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