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  • John Vanderbank
Major James Fraser of Castle Leathers, 1670 - 1760. Hanoverian supporter about 1720

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  • Scottish Art
Major James Fraser of Castle Leathers was a supporter of the Hanoverian government during the Jacobite risings. He later became known as the author of ‘Major Fraser's Manuscript’, which describes his journey to France to bring home the exiled Simon Fraser of Beaufort, later 11th Lord Lovat. Fraser married Janet, daughter of Sir Robert Dunbar, and had two sons and nine daughters. This remarkable portrait shows Major Fraser in the classic Highland outfit of tartan ‘trews’ and plaid. This style of dress was suitable for riding and seems to have been adopted by men of privilege in the early seventeenth century. Another version of this portrait hangs in the courtroom of the Tollbooth in Forres, near Inverness.

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A British royal dynasty that began in 1714 with George I, who was the first Protestant in line to the throne, the Act of Settlement having prohibited Catholics from taking the crown. The Hanoverians reigned until the death of William IV in 1837.


Jacobitism was a movement to restore the descendants of the Stuart King James VII and II to the British throne. The first claimant, Prince James Francis Edward (known as 'the Old Pretender') was exiled first in France, then Italy, from where he planned unsuccessful attempts to claim the throne. His son Prince Charles Edward (known as 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' or 'the Young Pretender') famously invaded Britain in 1745, but after some military successes was finally defeated at Culloden in 1746.

Hanoverian, Jacobite


  • Acc. No. PGL 276
  • Medium Oil on canvas
  • Size 220.50 x 134.70 cm
  • Credit Long loan in