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Glasgow Exhibition

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Glasgow Exhibition 1938

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  • Scottish Art
Glasgow magistrates had been invited to the Edinburgh International Exhibition in 1886 and were duly impressed by it. The first Glasgow International Exhibition was held in 1888. Valentine's were the official photographers for the 1938 Empire Exhibition at Glasgow's Bellahouston Park. It was quite usual to include figures in the pictures using photomontage. This was done to enable the organisers to sell postcards of 'busy exhibitions' on the opening day.

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Edinburgh International Exhibition

An international exhibition of industry, science and art held in 1886 in a temporary exhibition hall constructed on The Meadows. Attractions included art galleries, an electric railway and a reconstruction of a 17th century Edinburgh street.

Empire Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the achievements of the British Empire, held in a large complex of art deco pavilions erected at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow in 1938. It included the Palace of Art which showcased Scottish artists.

Glasgow International Exhibition

An exhibition of arts and industry held in temporary buildings designed by James Sellars in Kelvingrove Park in 1888. Its profits funded the construction of a new Art Gallery and Museum in the park, which still stands today. It was opened in 1901 on the occasion of a second international exhibition.


The combination of two or more photographs (or pieces of them) to form a single image.

Edinburgh International Exhibition, Empire Exhibition, Glasgow International Exhibition, Photomontage


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