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Poodle Parlour, London
© Photograph by Edith Tudor-Hart

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Poodle Parlour, London Photographed about 1936 - 1937

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This photograph was published alongside ‘Gee Street, Finsbury, London’ (PGP 279.32B) in the satirical magazine ‘Lilliput’ in 1939, offering a comparison between the living conditions of the urban poor and the care lavished on pets by their wealthy owners. The juxtaposition made a simple political point and encouraged the viewer to think about the unequal organisation of society. This was a rhetorical technique common in left-wing illustrated journals on the Continent. The Austrian magazine, ‘Der Kuckuck’, had published a similar story in 1931 comparing the living conditions of the Berlin poor with the more salubrious accommodation of the city’s dog home.


  • Acc. No. PGP 279.33B
  • Medium Modern silver gelatine print from archival negative
  • Size 30.20 x 30.10 cm
  • Credit Presented by Wolfgang Suschitzky 2004