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Gavin Hamilton, 1723 - 1798. Artist About 1788


  • Scottish Art
This pastel portrait of Gavin Hamilton was made while Skirving was living in Rome. Hamilton was born in Lanarkshire but became a permanent resident of the city in 1756. As well as painting huge historical canvases of classical scenes, he worked as a dealer and an archaeologist, persuading rich British aristocrats to buy important pieces of antique sculpture. He was extremely helpful to young artists, especially fellow Scots, who travelled to Italy to study.

Glossary Open


A general term for the civilisations of Ancient Greece and Rome. Also used as a general term to describe something very old.


A general term for art and architecture based on ancient Greek and Roman culture.


A drawing material made from ground pigment bound with enough gum or resin to hold it together in a stick, often smudged on paper to produce soft, atmospheric effects.

Antiquity, Classicism, Pastel


  • Acc. No. PG 2472
  • Medium Pastel on paper
  • Size 61.00 x 48.70 cm (framed: 74.93 x 65.40 x 6.04 cm)
  • Credit Presented by Mrs Leila Hoskins 1981