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Snow and Hare About 1923

Not on display

Seaby specialised in colour woodcuts of birds and animals. The easy appeal of prints such as ‘Snow and Hare’ hides Seaby’s great technical ability: he was the author of influential articles on the technique of colour wood and lino engraving. A large number of his prints were produced as Christmas cards, for which this is a perfect example.

Glossary Open


A relief print produced in a similar way to a woodcut, but using a layer of linoleum, sometimes mounted on wood. As a cheap and easy way of producing prints, linocuts are often used by amateur artists but the method was also employed by Matisse in the late 1930s and by Picasso.


An image pressed or stamped onto paper or fabric. This encompasses a wide variety of techniques, usually produced in multiples, although one-off prints, known as monoprints, are also included. The term is also applied to photographic images.


A print made from an image carved into a block of wood cut along the grain. Blank areas are cut away leaving an image in relief from which a print is made.

Linocut, Print, Woodcut


  • Acc. No. GMA 548
  • Medium Colour woodcut on paper
  • Size 12.00 x 17.50 cm (paper 14.00 x 18.90 cm)
  • Credit Purchased 1949