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Landscape at Kyleakin
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Landscape at Kyleakin About 1958 - 1960

Not on display

  • Scottish Art
This landscape was painted from sketches Redpath made during a family holiday to the Isle of Skye in 1946. Kyleakin is a village that was only accessible by ferry until the Skye Bridge was built in 1995. In this painting of a huddle of houses clinging to the bleak landscape, surrounded by stormy water, Redpath evokes the community’s remoteness and dependence on the land and sea. As with many of her still lifes, the scene is somewhat distorted with the picture plane tilted forward. The use of a palette knife reinforces the quality of the harsh landscape and highlights her increasing interest in the developments of abstract painting; she was influenced by artists such as Tàpies and Riopelle with their bold, expressionistic handling of paint.

Glossary Open

Abstract art

Art in which there is no attempt to represent anything existing in the world, particularly used of the 20th century onwards. ‘Abstraction’ refers to the process of making images that may in part derive from the visible world but which are reduced to basic formal elements.

Palette knife

A small tool used for mixing and applying paint.

Picture Plane

The imaginary plane represented by the physical surface of a painting or drawing. Traditionally it can be compared to a window separating viewers from an image. In modern art, artists such as the cubists and abstract painters often tried to emphasise the idea of a painting as a flat, two-dimensional object, instead of an illusionistic window on the world.

Abstract art, Palette knife, Picture Plane


  • Acc. No. GMA 814
  • Medium Oil on board
  • Size 71.20 x 91.50 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1962