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James Paterson, 1854 - 1932. Artist (Self-portrait)

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James Paterson, 1854 - 1932. Artist (Self-portrait) 1916

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  • Scottish Art
Although primarily a landscape painter, after settling in Edinburgh James Paterson drew several accomplished portrait sketches of high-profile contemporaries. This self-portrait drawing is a good example of his characteristic style as a draughtsman. He has used hatching in red and grey chalk to model the face and give it depth. Paterson strongly believed in the ‘intimate study of nature's varied features’ and in giving a real rather than an idealised representation of it. In a lecture to the Edinburgh Photographic Society he once declared that: ‘In comparison with drawing, as a means of penetrating and recording for oneself impressions … photography is of far inferior value.’

Glossary Open


The ability to draw skilfully, often refers to technical drawing.


A technique used for shading or creating texture in drawing, print-making and engraving. It consists of fine parallel lines that are drawn close together. Where groups of lines intersect, the term ‘cross-hatching’ is used.

Draughtsmanship, Hatching


  • Acc. No. PG 1180
  • Medium Chalk on paper
  • Size 40.60 x 28.00 cm (framed: 59.05 x 43.81 cm)
  • Credit Purchased 1932