Portrait of a Man

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Portrait of a Man About 1520 - 1525


Although currently not attributed, this portrait was clearly painted by a Netherlandish artist of considerable skill. On the basis of the dress, composition and execution, it can be dated to around 1520-25. It is stylistically very close to the work of Jan Gossaert (also known as Mabuse), but could possibly be an early painting by Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen. The portrait has a particularly distinguished provenance. It was owned by the controversial collector and writer Richard Payne Knight before 1800, and stayed in the family. Adam Elsheimer’s 'Il Contento' (NG 2312) was also in the same collection, before it entered the Scottish National Gallery in 1970.

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The act of establishing a particular person as the creator of a work of art.


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  • Acc. No. NG 2779
  • Medium Oil on panel
  • Size 60.70 x 45.50 cm (arched top) (framed: 72.20 x 57.00 x 6.40 cm)
  • Credit Purchased 2005 with the aid of the Art Fund