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  • Shand Hutchison
Fish Fence
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Fish Fence About 1953

Not on display

  • Scottish Art
Shand Hutchison has always been interested in the animate within the inanimate. His imagination in this case has transformed a rusty fence into fish heads on a sandy beach in East Lothian. Hutchison did not paint outdoors or use preparatory sketches, instead he observed the landscape and then returned to his studio to paint. His interest in the textures of paint and its ability to depict surfaces is tangible in his evocation of the corroded fence posts. Hutchison often included a sun or a moon in his paintings - fascinated by the power they have on earth. This work was shown in the 1953 Society of Scottish Artists exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

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Royal Scottish Academy

The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) was formed in Edinburgh in 1826 by Scottish artists who felt alienated by what they perceived as the elitism of the Royal Institution and its management of contemporary art exhibitions. In 1835, the RSA secured exhibition rights in the Royal Institution building, which had been erected on The Mound by the Board of Manufactures in 1826. The RSA and the Board frequently argued over responsibilities for advanced art education. From 1859, the RSA shared the premises of the new National Gallery of Scotland under the Board’s custody. In 1910, after transferring most of its art collections to the Gallery, the RSA gained exclusive tenancy of the former Royal Institution building, where it continues to hold large-scale annual exhibitions.

Scottish Society of Artists

The Scottish Society of Artists was founded in Edinburgh in 1891. It was seen as the ‘rebellious’ and ‘progressive’ younger sibling to the more traditional and conservative Royal Scottish Academy. Today the SSA still strives to show the most controversial, unique and challenging work available.

Royal Scottish Academy, Scottish Society of Artists


  • Acc. No. GMA 5142
  • Medium Oil on canvas
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  • Credit Presented by Creative Scotland 2011