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James VI and I, 1566 - 1625. King of Scotland 1567 - 1625. King of England and Ireland 1603 - 1625 about 1609


  • Scottish Art
King James was the only child of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her second husband, Lord Darnley. This beautiful miniature shows him in an immaculately pale winged doublet and lace-edged standing collar, with the badge and blue sash of the Order of the Garter around his neck. Hilliard painted after James had inherited the throne of England from his mother's cousin, Elizabeth I, and moved to London, having ruled Scotland shrewdly and successfully for many years.

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A painting or drawing, usually a portrait, on a very small scale. These were popular prior to the invention of photographic portraits in the 19th century.

Order of the Garter

The most senior British Order of Chivalry, founded by Edward III in 1348. It now consists of 24 knights along with royal knights and some foreign monarchs. The badge of the order comprises the St George's Cross within a blue garter (the original emblem of the order), surrounded by radiating silver beams.

Miniature, Order of the Garter


  • Acc. No. PGL 153
  • Medium Watercolour on vellum
  • Size Oval: 5.20 x 4.30 cm
  • Credit Long loan in 2001