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  • Duane Hanson
Tourists 1970

On Display Modern One

Hanson cast his sculptures from real people. The male and female figures seen here were cast one after the other in the artist's studio and the models never even met. Hanson preferred to make sculptures of people who would not normally be represented in a gallery but are instantly familiar, such as the overweight, unattractive or badly dressed. His figures exude a normality with which we can all identify. The 'Tourists' are caricatures of the stereotypical American tourists: comical and full of pathos at the same time. Like most of Hanson's figures, they are caught off guard and are therefore unaware of the gaze of the viewer.

Glossary Open


A portrait with the facial features exaggerated for comic or satirical effect.


The production of a sculpture by use of a mould to make a copy, usually in a more durable material, of the original work. The term is used to describe both the process and the resulting object.

Caricature , Cast


  • Acc. No. GMA 2132
  • Medium Polyester resin and fibreglass, painted in oil, and mixed media
  • Size Man 152.00 x 80.50 x 31.00 cm; Woman 160.00 x 44.00 x 37.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1979