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Water Falls Down
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Water Falls Down 2001

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  • Scottish Art
Water Falls Down’ evolved from a series of research trips Dalziel and Scullion made to Norway which informed their awareness of how Scots respond to the landscape in comparison to Norwegians. The film presents three different scenes. The first is tranquil and beautiful - a lone birch sapling laden with fresh snow against a winter sky. This then cuts to a boulder, unyielding in a furiously flowing stream - the sudden noise and the violent rush of water pushes the viewer back. The final scene then draws the viewer in through the drama and emotion of three adults being baptised in the cold North Sea. Highlighting the sense of a traditional community and their respect towards nature, this was the last film that Dalziel and Scullion shot whilst living in St Combs in the north east of Scotland.


  • Acc. No. GMA 4834
  • Medium DVD, 8 minutes 44 seconds
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  • Credit Purchased with assistance from Halifax Bank of Scotland 2007