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Robert MacBryde, 1913 - 1966. Artist
The Dubliners
  • The Dubliners
  • Robert Colquhoun
Figures in a Farmyard
Edgar in Battle Dress (Costume Design for 'King Lear')
King Lear I: in the Palace (Costume Design for 'King Lear')
  • Self-Portrait
  • Robert Colquhoun
Sword Dancer (Costume Design for 'Donald of the Burthens')
Masked Figures and Horse
The Duke of Kent in Disguise (Costume Design for 'King Lear')
Robert Colquhoun, 1914 - 1962. Artist (Self-portrait)
Peasant Woman (Costume Design for 'Donald of the Burthens')
Lear's Knight (Costume Design for 'King Lear')
Regan in Court Robe and Basic Costume (Costume Design for 'King Lear')
Albany (Costume Design for 'King Lear')
18 records in 2 pages | 12