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Phoebus 'gins to rise
© Courtesy of Richard and John Buckham.

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Phoebus 'gins to rise About 1920

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  • Scottish Art
Buckham was the leading aerial photographer of his day and was renowned for his atmospheric shots of the landscape. He felt that the most spectacular cloud formations and theatrical light could be captured on “stormy days, with bursts of sunshine and occasional showers of rain”. Over the years Buckham amassed a vast collection of photographs of skies which he could integrate with a separate landscape photograph to enhance the drama and create a more impressive composition. The title of this photograph of the Firth of Forth refers to sunrise in classical Greek mythology, and the ancient Greek belief that the rising and setting sun was due to Apollo driving his chariot across the sky. Perhaps with this image Buckham felt he was witnessing the sunrise in the way Apollo purportedly did.

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The arrangement of different elements in a work of art.


Refers to figures and events from myths which are the ancient stories that usually explain the origins of historical or natural phenomena.

Composition, Mythological


  • Acc. No. PGP 197.18
  • Medium Silver gelatine print
  • Size 45.80 x 38.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased with the assistance of the Art Fund 2008