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Mrs Anne (Palgrave) Rigby, 1777 - 1872
David Octavius Hill with his daughter, Charlotte
Alexander Rutherford, William Ramsay and John Liston
St Andrews 1842
Hugh Miller, 1802 - 1856. Geologist and author
Mr Laing or Laine
Samuel Aitken. Bookseller and friend of Thomas Carlyle
Newhaven boy ('King Fisher' or 'His Faither's Breeks')
Isabella Burns, Mrs John Begg, 1771 - 1858. Youngest sister of Robert Burns
Mrs Elizabeth (Johnstone) Hall, Newhaven fishwife
Sandy (or James) Linton, his boat and bairns
Willie Liston, 'Redding [cleaning or preparing] the line'; Newhaven fisherman
Unknown men (Newhaven)
75 records in 5 pages | 12345