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The Bankers' Glen, Yuen-foo River

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The Bankers' Glen, Yuen-foo River 1869 or 1870

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This picture was taken outside the city of Foochow in the south of China near the coast. It shows members of the British community of bankers, merchants and consular officials who lived in the region, enjoying a day out. The spot was, in fact, named after them. The western figures at the heart of this image, including the British Consul and his wife, appear tiny in this magnificent setting. It may be that the photographer was trying to emphasise the splendour of the mountain rocks, which, according to the Chinese, embody the sacred aspect of the landscape.


  • Acc. No. PGP R 871.13
  • Medium Albumen print
  • Size 21.60 x 29.00 cm
  • Credit Gift of Mrs. Riddell in memory of Peter Fletcher Riddell 1985