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Access guide

Antony Gormley’s project for Edinburgh, commissioned by the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (SNGMA), comprises six sculptures positioned between the gallery and the sea, by way of the Water of Leith.

Four of the figures are positioned in the Water of Leith itself, alongside the course of which there is an intermittent walkway. This path does not provide ideal access for all, and the following is a guide to the accessibility of the figures.

Due to ongoing technical issues, Figures II, III,IV and V situated at the Cauldron Weir, Stockbridge, Powderhall and Bonnington sites have all been removed for repair. We will continue to update this page as more information on the project becomes available.

Figure I

Sited at the main pedestrian access to the SNGMA. Good wheelchair access.

Figure II

Sited within the Water of Leith immediately to the rear of the SNGMA. Stepped access (with handrail) from rear of gallery. Also accessible via an un-stepped but very steep path down to the walkway, beginning in Wester Coates Gardens (can become muddy when wet). Figure II is just upstream from that point.

Alternative access: join the walkway at the rear of the Travelodge Hotel by Belford Bridge (follow Bell’s Mill road to the rear of the hotel). Three steps down to the walkway, then follow the path upstream for approximately 200 metres. This access is recommended for wheelchair use if assistance is available to negotiate the three steps.

Figure III

Sited within the Water of Leith at Stockbridge immediately upstream from the bridge at Deanhaugh Street. View over parapet of bridge or from pavement on Saunders Street. The latter is the recommended wheelchair viewing point.

Figure IV

Sited within the Water of Leith at Powderhall, immediately downstream from the Warriston Road crossing. Join the walkway at the Warriston Road crossing (stepped access down) to see the figure approximately 100 metres downstream. Alternative flat access to the walkway (wheelchair recommended route) from the footbridge reached from Powderhall Road (follow pavement through garden area opposite junction with Beaverhall Road); figure immediately upstream.

Figure V

Sited within the Water of Leith at Bonnington. Join the ramped walkway at the crossing over Anderson Place (off Bonnington Road) to see the figure approximately 50 metres upstream. Good wheelchair access.

Figure VI

Sited at the end of the abandoned pier within the Western Harbour at Leith Docks. View from the dockside to the north of Ocean Terminal. Good wheelchair access.