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About 6 TIMES

6 Times is a landmark sculptural project by celebrated British artist Antony Gormley.  The work consists of six life-sized figures positioned between the grounds of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the sea.

The first figure is located in the grounds of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, buried in the ground up to its chest. The next four figures are sited in the Water of Leith itself, acting as gauges for the height of the river as it swells and recedes. The first of these appears within a basin of the river immediately behind the Gallery, gazing into the water below, and a further three figures are sited at separate points downstream in Stockbridge, Powderhall and Bonnington. The final figure is at the end of an abandoned pier in Leith Docks, looking out to the point where the river course finally meets the sea.

6 Times - Figure VI, Antony Gormley − ¬© the artist

Gormley’s contemplative work draws attention to the significant natural and man-made environment of the Water of Leith, which runs through the heart of Edinburgh. 6 Times is enigmatic, provocative and stimulating, conveying a sense of stillness and quiet monumentality within the greater, bustling, urban environment.

Although the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art’s grounds have become arguably the most important site for outdoor sculpture in Scotland, this is the first time the National Galleries of Scotland’s collection has been permanently located outwith the Gallery and across the city of Edinburgh itself. Gormley’s sculptures have captured the imagination of people around the world and in positioning of the figures within the wider public realm Gormley and the Galleries hope to do the same in Edinburgh.