A form of printmaking in which a metal plate is covered with a substance called a 'ground', usually wax, into which an image is drawn with a needle. Acid is applied, eroding the areas of the plate exposed but not the areas covered by wax. The action of the acid creates lines in the metal plate that hold the ink from which a print is made when the plate is pressed against paper under pressure.

Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) The Three Crosses ('Christ Crucified between the Two Thieves') About 1660


John Bellany
1942 - 2013
William Strang
1859 - 1921
Agostino Carracci
1557 - 1602
William Blake
1757 - 1827
John Kay
1742 - 1826
James Ensor
1860 - 1949
Sir Muirhead Bone
1876 - 1953