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Art is a tool that can help us make sense of the world around us. We've gathered together these resources to help teachers of all subjects, ages and abilities to motivate students to look at art, talk about it and make their own. If you want your students to think for themselves and develop creativity skills (problem solving, imagination, curiosity and open mindedness), the world of art is an invaluable resource.

In classroom resources

Explore our teachers' resources for ideas and activities to engage learners of all ages, in your learning setting.

Art and artists

Dig deeper into the world of art and artists with these short films, biographies and articles.

Explore Art & Artists

What Is? Art movements & styles

This series of short films explores some of the key movements and styles of the twentieth century.

Art competition for schools

School children across Scotland can take part in the National Galleries of Scotland Art Competition for Schools. Find out more about the competition and view all the winning entries.

 New competition categories from September 2019

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In Gallery Resources

Not sure what to do in a gallery, or how to start a conversation about art? Here are some simple ideas. 

Creative careers

Why study art and design? These short films give an insight into just some of the creative careers available within the gallery sector. Hear direct from professionals employed in marketing, curatorial, retail, gallery education and other roles.

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Fèin-aithne Albannach: Cò aige a tha an co-dhùnadh air cò th’ annainn?

Tha an goireas seo a’ leigeil le luchd-teagaisg ìomhaighean leithid Monarc a’ Ghlinne, bhon chruinneachadh aig Gailearaidhean Nàiseanta na h-Alba, a chleachdadh mar innealan leis am faod iad Sgilean Cruthachalachd agus ionnsachadh eadar-chuspaireil a bhrosnachadh. Chaidh a dhealbhadh gus feumalachdan Curraicealam airson Sàr-mhathais a choileanadh.

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