The Work of Art is a podcast series from the National Galleries of Scotland, looking at the issues faced by artists working in Scotland today. From running their own spaces, to funding their own work, and what happens when public opinion is divided?

The series was produced to coincide with A New Era | Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950, an exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 2018. Presented by arts journalist Jan Patience, the three episodes feature contributions from a range of voices, including Alice Strang, Ellie Harrison, Toby Paterson, Andy Scott, David Harding, Claudia Zeiske (Deveron Projects), Timothea Armour (Rhubaba), Sharon Quigley (Scottish Society of Artists), and Janie Nicoll.

Episode 1 - Artist-Run Spaces: 

In this episode we’ll be finding out more about spaces run by artists - how artists in early 20th century Scotland created opportunities for themselves, and how artist-run spaces and galleries continue to exist today.Read a transcript of this episode


John Duncan Fergusson, The Log Cabin Houseboat

Episode 2: Publicly Funded Art

In this episode we’ll be speaking to artists who have received public funding to create work, and those who have created artworks specifically for public spaces. We’ll be looking into the value of public art, and asking: why is it sometimes so controversial?

Roy Lichtenstein, In the Car

Episode 3: Rural Communities

In this episode we’ll be finding out what it’s like to be an artist living and working in a rural community. From Aberdeenshire to the Orkney islands, we’ll hear from artists about the benefits and drawbacks of living outwith big cities.

Margaret Mellis, Relief Construction in Wood

You can listen to each of the three episodes on this page, or through our Soundcloud playlist for this podcast.

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