Who are these unknown women?

At our Where are the Women? Friday Night Mixer event at the beginning of November, we explored the identities of unknown women in our photograph collection.

We invited guests to imagine the stories behind these women, writing postcards in the name of the sitter to people they hold dear, their friends and family of the past.

From motorbikes to girl groups, chemists and visits to the beach, our unknown women were brought back to life for a moment in time.

Ovinius Davis Unknown Woman 1890s
Unknown Shetland Peat Carriers, knitting Unknown
Sidney Herbert Dagg Unknown Woman in Graduation Gown Unknown
Unknown Four unknown women Unknown
Unknown Unknown Woman on a Boat Unknown
Unknown Unknown Woman Unknown
Two Singhalese Girls. William LH Skeen, about 1880, National Galleries of Scotland, Gift of Mrs Riddell in memory of Peter Fletcher Riddell, 1985.
Unknown Unknown Woman, Seated, 1920's 1920s
Unknown Unknown Woman on Motorbike Unknown

Thank you to everyone who came along on the night and participated!

This event was part of the Celebrating Scotland's Art Project. Find out more about the transformative work being carried out to create new gallery space at the Scottish National Gallery

21 November 2019