Top 10 Instagram Spots at the National Galleries of Scotland

Blogger and influencer Claire Cunningham (@stylecompanion) explores the top Instagram spots at the galleries…

Wherever I am, I’m always looking for the perfect Instagram picture. It’s the modern creative outlet; quick, creative and an instant insight into what someone is inspired by. I love to add to my own feed as much as checking out my favourite fashion bloggers, travel enthusiasts and creatives. I’m not just looking at what they’re wearing, where they’re travelling or what they’ve crafted, but also at what music they’re listening to, how they’ve styled their home and what they do on the weekend.

As well an awesome, inspiring day out; the National Galleries of Scotland all have perfect Instagrammable backdrops with a personality all of their own. Here’s my top 10...

Landform at Modern One, courtesy @ayespyphotography

1. Landform by Charlie Jencks, at Modern One

If you’ve noticed this landscape on social media before and not known its location, now you do! The swirling ripple of greenery and water is a much loved spot to share on Instagram as a backdrop for an outfit picture or as a beautiful image all on its own.

2. Red arches at the Scottish National Gallery

A well composed, symmetrical image is always a winner. The ground floor of the Scottish National Gallery offers scale, symmetry and a dramatic backdrop in bold red. Pose direct in the centre of the archway for instant impact.

3. There Will Be No Miracles Here at Modern Two 
Your photo and caption nailed in one; the outdoor, large-scale ’There Will Be No Miracles Here’ sign is best captured at night for full effect. It’s an iconic spot in Edinburgh but always feels fresh and contemporary.

4. The Portrait Gallery staircase
Specifically between 11.00am and 12.30pm. The light that streams through the stained-glass windows is beautiful and cascades multi-colours across the brick wall. And the first rule of a good Instagram picture is good light.

5. The toilets at Modern Two (really!) 
Coloured tiles from floor to ceiling; who could ask for a better selfie backdrop?

(Scroll down for 6-10)

'There Will Be No Miracles Here', photograph courtesy @claireg980
Toilets at Modern Two, courtesy of @louiseligabite

6. Tourists by Duane Hanson at Modern One - or the latest Modern One exhibition

Adding a bit of personality and humour into your Instagram keeps it feeling human. The sculpture Tourists by Duane Hanson offered the opportunity to mimic and engage your audience by keeping things light and fun. If this particular artwork is not on display, the other artworks at Modern One offer plenty of opportunities for a photoshoot. 

7. The Stairwell Project by Richard Wright at Modern Two

Intricate, delicate and mesmerising, in real life and on screen; a must.

The Stairwell Project, photograph courtesy @_liamod

8. From the Balcony at the Portrait Gallery

Whichever direction you look, you’re surrounded by beauty. The ceiling in midnight blue with astrologic designs looks down on the sculpture room while the walls are detailed with stunning artworks. Capture a candid shot overlooking the balcony.

9. Hidden alcoves at Modern Two
When you’re exploring the galleries, there’s always hidden corners to find. At Modern Two, secret seating is set back in the walls making it the ideal nook to nab a quick pic for Instagram.

10. Cafe Modern One

No trip to the gallery is complete without a stop off at the cafè - not only a chance to refuel and sample some delicious treats but the perfect spot to get that perfect pic with a flat white too!

By Claire Cunningham, 26 August 2019