Tesco Bank Art Competition for Schools 2017

School children across Scotland are invited to enter the 2017 Tesco Bank Art Competitions for Schools.

Working in partnership with Tesco Bank, the programme encourages thousands of children all over the country, from nursery to S3, to engage with artworks from their national collection and be inspired to think imaginatively and be creative. 

Over 7,000 children take part in the Competition annually, enjoying the opportunity to get creative in the classroom and to let their imaginations and artistic flair loose. The standard of work was extremely high and in 2016 the 53 winning children from across Scotland attended the special prize-giving ceremony at the Scottish National Gallery.  In addition, 12 schools are awarded with artist-lead workshops and 20 schools with grants for art materials to enable participation in future years and widen access to the competition.

Now open for entries with great new themes to get you started in this fourteenth year of the competition! Closing date Friday 5th May 2017.

Explore the sections below to find out all you need to know about the Tesco Bank Art Competition for Schools.

How to enter the 2017 competition

Prefer to submit a group entry?

Groups of two or more pupils in any age group can choose from any of the above themes in this year's competition and submit a group entry. 

Make a picture inspired by any of the above five themes. 

Use any materials, techniques or processes (for example drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, photography, computer aided design, collage, montage) to make your piece as long as each entry is two-dimensional. As frames have been specially made, work entered must be either A2 in size or measure 120 x 150 centimetres.

Download group activity

Will Maclean, Bard Macintyre's Box (1984)
Caleb Browning, 1st place, nursery (Theme: Creepy Crawlies and Slimy Things)
Ahmi Santiago, 1st place, secondary 1-3 (Theme: Darkness and Light)
Molly Pearce, 1st place, primary 1-3 (Theme: Circus)
Jack Brodie, 1st place, primary 4-7 (Theme: Horse)
Robbie Wild, 1st place, special education school (Theme: Trees)
Group entry for Hillside School, 1st Place, primary 4-7 (Theme: Horse)
Henley Kay, 2nd place, nursery (Theme: Creepy Crawlies and Slimy Things)
Karen Ellwood, 2nd place, primary 4-7 (Theme: Horse)
Sam Saddler, 2nd place, secondary (Theme: Darkness and Light)
George Smith, 2nd place, special education school (Theme: Tree)
Isla O'Donnell, 2nd place, primary 1-3 (Theme: Circus)
Group entry for Penpont Primary School, 2nd place
Sam Sloane, 3rd place, nursery (Theme: Creepy Crawlies and Slimy Things)
William Duncan, 3rd place, primary 1-3 (Theme: Circus)
Mark Fyffe, 3rd place, primary 4-7 (Theme: Horse)
Group entry for Knightsridge Primary School, 3rd place, primary 1-3 (Theme: Circus)
Rebecca McChesney, 3rd place, secondary 1-3 (Theme: Darkness and Light)
Samantha Clark, 3rd place, special education school (Theme: Trees)

For Educators

We invite educators to share our resources with learners of all levels to explore Scotland’s national collection of art and think about art in new ways.

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