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Razor’s Edge Barbershop

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‘I had a good haircut, hairstyling and conversation with Cammy today. He explained about the history of barbershop and told stories about barber. It was such a wonderful experience of transformation.’
Keijiro Suzuki
‘I have been improved. I left a better man than I arrived. Thanks.’
‘Haircut and style was great! Such a good idea and had a blast chatting to everyone involved. Please keep doing this forever!’
Ross H

Above all, Daniel Warren’s film documenting the barbershop proves that it stimulated a humorous, reflective and multicultural conversation about being a man today. It was a powerful experience for all those involved, at once both personal and public. For the barbers and their clients, by the end of the day it made perfect sense to get your hair cut in an art gallery; the home of looking and being looked at.

‘Had a great time in the chair. Very pleased with the outcome. Hair and art; hand in hand!’
Alan B


Published on 28 August 2017