From our archive | Surrealist Argentinian playing cards

Every Thursday, we will be dipping in to our archive to uncover an extraordinary art treasure. This week we’d like to take a look at a deck of playing cards crafted by the Argentinian artist Leonor Fini (1907-1996).

A painter, designer, illustrator and author, the work of Fini is an often over-looked but remains a substantial contribution to the Surrealist canon.

Known for her set making, costume designs, eclectic novels and conceptualising elegant ballets, Fini did not confine her art to the canvas, instead exploring all forms of media, and created anything from the ‘Shocking’ perfume bottle for the House of Schiaperelli, to this deck of playing cards from 1950.

This set of cards was printed by Acanthe of Paris, and then a second edition was released in 1992 by the Galerie Dionne. The set is has gilded edges, which perfectly compliment the theatrical illustrations that appear on each of the 54 playing cards.

5 March 2020