From our archive | Scottie Wilson's flat cap and fountain pens

Scottie Wilson (1888 – 1972) was born in Glasgow. He was a self-taught artist inspired by the Surrealist movement, and artists such as Jean Dubuffet and Picasso. 

Wilson is seen as one of the forerunners of Outsider Art, not only due to his unique and highly detailed style, but also his reluctance to conform to the more commercial aspects of the art world.

Wilson’s artistic career didn’t begin until he was in his mid-forties, when he began experimenting with fountain pens to produce the distinctive work he is known for today.

These drawings were created quickly using ink and crayon, and often included natural imagery such as birds, flowers and trees. In our archive we hold a variety of ephemera that belonged to Wilson, including fountain pens, a flat cap and various letters and photographs.

Items of Scottie Wilson's in our archive including fountain pens and a flat cap.

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26 February 2020