New Arrivals podcast | Marie Harnett

Marie Harnett is a London-based artist who studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art. She is best known for her astonishingly intricate photo-realist pencil drawings of film stills, which she selects from trailers, watched, often online.

In this episode of New Arrivals, a series of podcasts introducing the artists behind some of the recent additions to the Scottish collection, Harnett joins Curator Stephanie Straine to discuss the artist's astonishing series of works based on stills selected from the Brazilian film Heleno.

The five works, Almost, Bike, Martini, Silvia and Sing can be viewed below. The New Arrivals exhibition closed in February 2023.

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Marie Harnett Almost 2013 © Marie Harnett
Marie Harnett Bike 2013 © Marie Harnett
Marie Harnett Martini 2013 © Marie Harnett
Marie Harnett Silvia 2013 © Marie Harnett
Marie Harnett Sing 2013 © Marie Harnett
21 March 2022