Home is where the art is | Week one

Eduardo Paolozzi | Vulcan

Every Monday during the school closures we've been posting 5 creative activities that have been designed for children of all ages to explore at their own pace, under the banner of Home is where the art is.

These wee taster activities have been specially created by our Learning team to enable children and families to make their own discoveries about art. They aim to develop creativity skills, such as problem solving, imagination, curiosity and open-mindedness. Please keep in mind that there are no wrong answers - this is all about looking, chatting, making and enjoying your time at home!

We hope you enjoy this ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ Creative Curriculum!

You know your child best

Some activities may suit you better than others so pick and choose!


We’ve aimed the language at age 7+, but activities can be suitable for any age, just adapt to suit your child.


How long your child engages with the activity will vary. Depending on their age, the way they’re feeling that day, the immediate appeal of any activity... some will work better than others. Don't worry if they're not feeling it - try again another time, or move on to something else. You might be surprised by what they're interested in.  


We hope these suggestions will allow your child to develop their creativity by encouraging their curiosity, open mindedness, problem-solving and imagination.

Art knowledge

You don’t need to know anything about art to have fun with it. Encourage your child to share their ideas, observations and opinions. There’s never a wrong answer about art. And it's ok not to know all the answers. Nobody does. Where would the fun be in that?


If something worked, do it again!

Let your child lead

You don’t need to have all the ideas. In fact, if you really want your child to be creative, encouraging them to come up with their own ideas is a brilliant way to help your child be creative and explore their imagination.

Try to enjoy, together

Take a deep breath, you’re doing a brilliant job. Let us know if we can support you - we can't wait to see you in the gallery, as soon as we can.

This week's artwork is...

Eduardo Paolozzi


The artist Eduardo Paolozzi created this giant sculpture Vulcan. Vulcan was the Roman God of fire and the blacksmith who made weapons for the gods and heroes. He is half-man, half-machine and stands over 7m high.


We challenge you to .... build your own Vulcan inspired by the shapes you see around you and by the objects you can find around the house.