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Conversations with the Collection | A conversation piece (audio tour)

Welcome to this audio tour of the Conversations with the Collection display at the top level of Modern One.

For this tour, we have invited guests to share their thoughts on a selection of artworks from the display. Not knowing in advance which artworks they would be discussing, these responses are honest, real and unscripted. Through these informal interviews, we hope to open up our collection to different opinions and reactions.

To listen to this tour in the gallery make sure to bring your own mobile device and headphones. The audio guide can also be accessed via Soundcloud and Smartify.

Room 14 | Experiencing Colour (introduction)

Room 14 | Roger Brown, Misty Morning, (1975)

Room 14 | Helen Frankenthaler, Saturn, (1963)

Room 16 | Architecture and Abstraction (introduction)

Room 15 | Prunella Clough, Electrical Landscape (1960)

Room 15 | Margaret Morris, Red Roofs (Dieppe) (1922)

Tour End

Published on 20 January 2023

Conversations with the Collection | Welcome Audio Tour

For this tour, our curators introduce the themes of the display room by room and explain how they have drawn from the collection of modern and contemporary art to unearth evocative stories and create bold comparisons between the artists, ideas and ways of making.