British Sign Language (BSL) Tour | National

Enjoy this British Sign Language (BSL) tour of Scottish artworks from the National.

You can follow the tour in the gallery using your own device or watch at home.

The tour includes 10 stops and can be accessed via Smartify and YouTube. Smartify videos have embedded subtitles. If you are watching these on YouTube, you can turn on subtitles by clicking the text icon at the bottom of each video.

If you’re following it in the gallery, the tour runs from room 1 on level 2 and finishes in room 20 on level 3. Look out for a BSL icon to identify artworks on the tour.

To find out more about our regular, in-gallery Deaf-led tours or to book a guided session for your group please contact [email protected] or visit our British Sign Language page.



Robert Burns

The Hunt (previously known as Diana and Her Nymphs) (About 1926)

Alexander Nasmyth

Princes Street with the Commencement of the Building of the Royal Institution (1825)


Phoebe Anna Traquair

The Progress of a Soul series (1893–1902)


Sir James Guthrie

A Hind's Daughter (1883)


William McTaggart

The Coming of Saint Columba (1895)


Sir William Fettes Douglas

The Spell (1864)


James Drummond

The Porteous Mob (1855)


Sir Edwin Landseer

The Monarch of the Glen (About 1851)

Walter Geikie

The Fruit Seller (1824)


Sir Henry Raeburn

Reverend Robert Walker (1755–1808) Skating on Duddingston Loch (About 1795)

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30 August 2023