The Art of the Future


What is the art of the future? It's young people from across Scotland revealing the world they live in now, and shaping the future they want.


The Art of the Future - Trailer


The Art of the Future is a mail-art project that encourages and empowers young people to make art from random materials received by post.  

This art tool-kit, sent out in a box, was inspired by the NOW series of contemporary art exhibitions at Modern One, and devised in collaboration with the participants themselves.  The boxes had no agenda, or set themes, but encouraged invention.  

The young people ran with the idea, reworking the contents of the box they received, to form uncanny little happenings and sculptures. They have worked their own brand of magic on the everyday objects given to them.

Their artworks range from spontaneous, knockabout performances on video, to a brave street engagement with the public about mental health.

Some artworks will make you laugh, others will ask you to see things differently.  All have come from the young people themselves.

As society moves forward, we hope this project affirms young Scots’ creativity within a changing world.

The Art of the Future is part of the Year of Young People 2018.

Rowlands Youth Club, Selkirk: Unbearable Teenager, August 2017
Drummond Community High School: A Game of the Future, September 2017
6 February 2018