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Art conservation | How are frames chosen?

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When Flora Macdonald Reid's 1895 painting The Market Scene, Bruges  entered the National Galleries of Scotland collection without a frame, we in the the conservation team knew that we would have to start from scratch to make it fit for display, but it also presented us with an opportunity to really explore a variety of framing options for the artwork. This blog explores that process.

We began by situating this painting within our own collection and found several frames that were roughly contemporary to it on works by artists including Samuel John Peploe, David Young Cameron, and John Singer Sargent that may have made appropriate models for a reproduction.

The Conservator’s next step is to liaise with our colleagues in the Curatorial department to discuss our findings and proposals. At a meeting we presented a few options, one of which was to consider a copy of the potentially original frame discovered on a Reid in another collection, plus a wild card!

A life dedicated to art | Flora Macdonald Reid

Prolific artist Flora Macdonald Reid exhibited across Britain and Europe, and worked to address some of the inequality faced by women in the nineteenth century. In this blog we explore her life and career in more detail.