Art Around You

Art activities designed for children of all ages and stages to look at, talk about and make their own discoveries about art. ​

You don't have to be a child / young person to give these a go though! If you are a parent, carer or anyone just looking for an art escape - draw breath and explore here... 

These taster activities aim to develop creativity skills such as; problem solving, imagination, curiosity, and open-mindedness. 

Please keep in mind that there are no wrong answers, or that there is only one way to do the activities - they are all about looking, chatting, making, and exploring art wherever you are, and using whatever you have around you. 

You know your child best

Some activities may suit you better than others so pick and choose!


We’ve aimed the language at age 7+, but activities can be suitable for any age, just adapt to suit your child.


How long your child engages with the activity will vary. Depending on their age, the way they’re feeling that day, the immediate appeal of any activity... some will work better than others. Don't worry if they're not feeling it - try again another time, or move on to something else. You might be surprised by what they're interested in.  


We hope these suggestions will allow your child to develop their creativity by encouraging their curiosity, open mindedness, problem-solving and imagination.

Art knowledge

You don’t need to know anything about art to have fun with it. Encourage your child to share their ideas, observations and opinions. There’s never a wrong answer about art. And it's ok not to know all the answers. Nobody does. Where would the fun be in that?


If something worked, do it again!

Let your child lead

You don’t need to have all the ideas. In fact, if you really want your child to be creative, encouraging them to come up with their own ideas is a brilliant way to help your child be creative and explore their imagination.

Try to enjoy, together

Take a deep breath, you’re doing a brilliant job. Let us know if we can support you - we can't wait to see you in the gallery, as soon as we can.

Lots of artworks to explore, many more activities to try

Lots of artworks to explore, many more activities to try

René Magritte

These activities will make you pause, take notice and see your surroundings a wee bit differently!

David Mach

Art isn't always something that stays still. Use your whole body - from your mouth to your toes - to make and explore art, wherever you are!

Phoebe Anna Traquair

Activities and a special Art Story about kindness, comfort, shelter and starting conversations with animals!

Vincent Van Gogh

Explore invisible connections, family trees and make your own wibbly-wobbly lines!

William Bell Scott

An autumn art story about bravery and some seasonal adventure activities!

Claude Monet

Find light in the dark with these ship shape activities.

Ray Harryhausen

Create characters, watch and make movies, and then have a ‘creature club’ kitchen disco!

Louise Bourgeois

In this activity, we’re thinking about friendship, care, and representing our daily routines!

Salvador Dalí & Edward James

Put unusual things together, play surreal games and even host your own DalÍ inspired dinner party…!

Karla Black

Stimulate all of your senses with these activities. Let’s make art that you can smell, hear, touch, see and even taste!

Joan Eardley

A set of drawing activities to help you turn your everyday surroundings into something special.

Richard Long

Use nature as the subject AND the material with these activities inspired by the outdoors.

Yinka Shonibare

These activities will explore how objects can tell stories, start conversations and make perfect portraits!

Iain Stewart

Send a message, invent your own alphabet and shout out loud about your personal heroes!

Boyle Family

Be like the Boyle Family! Make a viewfinder and turn something ordinary into a work of art!

Barbara Hepworth

Go on a texture treasure hunt, have a ‘magic’ conversation and listen to a special sensory story.

Alison Watt

Turn chaos into order and make art out of your bed sheets!

Cold War Steve

Create a surreal scene, collaborate on a collage and find examples of everyday collages all around you!

David Shrigley

Use your imagination to create your own colourful message!

Eduardo Paolozzi

Build your own Vulcan, inspired by the shapes and objects you can find around the house!

Art around you activities… at a glance.

William Bell Scott

  • Plan an imaginary journey
  • Become a pen-pal
  • Go on a seasonal walk and take photos
  • Listen to an Art Story
  • Make a bravery crown

Claude Monet

  • Build a boat out of your recycling
  • Draw and paint a lighthouse
  • Listen to an Art Story
  • Use a torch to create a starry room

Ray Harryhausen

  • Create 3d model characters
  • Make an animation
  • Have a kitchen disco

Louise Bourgious

  • Create an imaginary ‘friendship’ recipe
  • Draw around your hands and decorate
  • Make and keep a diary
  • Cut out paper doll chains

Salvador Dali

  • Have a go at a few ‘surreal’ games
  • Create a collage of unusual things
  • Have a dali-inspired dinner party

Karla Black

  • Make your own paint
  • Make scented paintings
  • Make art out of your toast
  • Make your own playdough
  • Go on a sound walk
  • Create your own cardboard box art gallery
  • Paint on silver foil or cellophane

Joan Eardley

  • Create your own studio space
  • Make a sketchbook
  • Lots of drawing prompts and tips to get started
  • Shape-sorter game
  • Make gloop and play with marks

Richard Long

  • Paint with mud
  • Use unusual things as paintbrushes
  • Find and make spirals in nature / circles around the house
  • Make mindful maps
  • Make a ‘gem’ bracelet with nature

Yinka Shonibare

  • Create a portrait using objects
  • Recreate the skating minister pose
  • Collaborate with your family
  • Create a beach scene from stuff around the house and have a picnic

Iain Stewart

  • Write a letter to your hero
  • Make a protest / celebration sign
  • Create your own font
  • Go on a letter scavenger hunt inside
  • Make a superhero costume

Boyle Family

  • Make a viewfinder
  • Recreate a detail using household stuff
  • Draw the back of your hand, recreate the textures
  • X marks the spot treasure hunt

Barbara Hepworth

  • Find as many textures around your home
  • Make rubbings of them with chalk or crayon
  • Have a conversation about what’s magic, right now
  • Listen to an Art Story

Alison Watt

  • Make an Art Den out of sheets
  • Draw everything in your bag, or drawer then reorder it
  • Capture your shadow in a photograph

Cold War Steve

  • Come up with an artist nickname for yourself
  • Create a collage
  • Make an artwork on the theme of ‘everything is going to be alright’
  • Find examples of collage around your home

David Shrigley

  • Make a funny sign
  • Write a message for your window
  • Make a colour wheel with things around the house
  • Collect 5 things that are red and 5 that are green
  • Play with paint to mix colours

Eduardo Paolozzi

  • Build a Vulcan out of recycling and things around the house

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