William Graham Boss Queen Victoria, 1819 - 1901. Reigned 1837 - 1901 Unknown


Born 1852
Died 1927
Nationality Scottish

Little is known about the stained glass artist, William Graham Boss, although an advert he posted in the Edinburgh and Leith Post Office Directory Advertiser, 1889-90, provides an insight into the range of work he undertook: 'Stained and Leaded Glass – Figures, Heraldry, Ornamental, Geometrical, Memorial and Church Windows, Hall and Staircase Windows, Lobby Doors, Fanlights, Window Screens and Top Sashes, Panels, Bookcases, etc.'. It is believed he worked predominantly on the domestic scale although he most probably repaired and conserved the stained glass in the Magdalen Chapel on Edinburgh’s Cowgate in 1893. His most high profile commission was almost certainly for the commemorative stained glass window in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery which was installed in 1894.