Willem van Honthorst James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, 1612 - 1650. Royalist 1646 - 1649


Born 1594
Died 1666
Nationality Dutch
Birth place Utrecht
Death place Utrecht

Portrait painter Willem van Honthorst was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He studied under Abraham Bloemaert and was also taught by his elder brother, known as Gerrit or Gerard. In 1643 Willem married Sophia van Honthorst in The Hague. He left for Berlin in 1646 to become court painter to Louise-Henriette, daughter of Prince Frederick Henry and wife of the elector Frederick II of Brandenburg. He remained in Germany until 1664, but spent his final years in his native Utrecht. Willem van Honthorst painted portraits of many eminent and royal sitters, including Dutch princes Frederick Henry and William II. Many of Willem’s works have previously been attributed to his brother because of the similarity of their signatures.