Victor Pasmore Spiral Motif (Subjective Landscape) in Black and White 1951 © Estate of Victor Pasmore. All rights reserved. DACS, London 2023


Born 1908
Died 1998
Nationality English
Birth place Chelsham
Death place Gudja, Malta

Although largely self-taught as an artist, Pasmore was a key figure in British art. He exhibited with the London Group from 1931 and it was around then that he first flirted with abstraction. Yet he swiftly destroyed his early experimentations and instead gained recognition as a naturalistic painter. However, in 1948 his work underwent a dramatic shift towards abstraction and in 1951 he controversially declared that easel painting was dead. Pasmore helped found the Euston Road School in 1937 and his passion for teaching continued with posts at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, Central School and King’s College, University of Durham. He continued to experiment artistically throughout his career, returning to a more figurative mode of painting in the 1990s.