Tristram Hillier La Confiserie [Confectionery] About 1931 © The Estate of Tristram Hillier. All Rights Reserved 2017/ Bridgeman Images


Born 1905
Died 1983
Nationality English
Birth place Pekin

Hillier was born in Pekin, China but his family moved to England soon after his birth. He studied at Cambridge University for two years and was subsequently apprenticed to a firm of chartered accountants. However this career was quickly abandoned, when he decided to study at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1926. Until 1940 Hillier spent a great deal of time in France but retained strong links with London. In 1933 he joined the modernist group, 'Unit One'. Hillier developed his distinctive style in the mid-1930s, combining a precise style of painting with a sense of stillness evoking the strangeness of Surrealism.