Thomas Faed Sir Walter Scott and his friends at Abbotsford Painted 1849


Born 08/06/1825
Died 1900
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Gatehouse of Fleet
Death place London

Thomas Faed and his brothers, John and James, made a substantial contribution to Scottish painting through their scenes from Scottish history and contemporary domestic life. Their sister Susan Bell Faed (1827-1909) was also a painter and was often used as a model by her brothers. The circulation of prints made after the brothers' paintings increased their popularity. Thomas' work, with its strong narrative content inspired by Wilkie, brought him international renown. The brothers, originally from Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Kirkcudbright, trained in Edinburgh at the Trustees' Academy, where Thomas won the life-class prize in 1847. Following his paintings' success at the Royal Academy, Thomas moved to London in 1851. Among his patrons was the philanthropic baroness, Angela Burdett-Coutts, one of the wealthiest heiresses in Britain.