Sam Taylor-Wood Red Snow 1997 © Sam Taylor-Wood and The Paragon Press


Born 1967
Nationality English
Birth place London

Sam Taylor-Wood works with photography and film. Much of her art explores human emotions and the boundaries between private and public lives, from intimate, personal moments to emotional dramas. Her piece ‘Brontosaurus’ of 1995 is a slowed-down film of a naked man dancing alone in his bedroom. Other works have shown people arguing and crying. More recently she has used celebrities as her subject matter, such as ‘David’, her video portrait of a sleeping David Beckham. Taylor-Wood was born in London and studied at Goldsmith College. She was short-listed for the Turner Prize in 1998.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms

Turner Prize

Founded in 1984, the Turner Prize is awarded annually to the ‘most outstanding contribution’ to British art that took place in the last year.