Rose Frain Royne descosse 1992


Born 1939
Nationality English

Rose Frain is an artist who creates paintings, sculptures, and installations. Born in Sunderland, County Durham, Frain studied art at Durham University, Kings College Newcastle which is now known as Newcastle University. Frain has travelled widely throughout her career and has been an artist in residence in Rome, Italy and Alexandria, Egypt. Her experiences abroad have informed her work, and she often explores international social and political issues, with a particular focus on war. Through installations and sculptures, Frain tells stories that have been forgotten in war, or that have not been told by the media. A continuing project titled This Time in History, What Escapes, is often presented as an installation. At the V&A, London This Time in History, What Escapes (2014-1914) reflected on World War One, and in 2017 at Summerhall, Edinburgh the installation considered the effect of war in Afghanistan. Frain continues to develop this project, and currently lives and works in Edinburgh.