Robert Scott Lauder The Gow Chrom Reluctantly Conducting the Glee Maiden to a Place of Safety (from Scott's 'The Fair Maid of Perth') Dated 1846


Born 1803
Died 1869
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Edinburgh
Death place Edinburgh

Lauder was born in Edinburgh and was encouraged by David Roberts to become a painter. He studied at the Trustees' Academy in Edinburgh for two years from 1822. Lauder spent time in London and then five years in Italy. He returned to London and was best known for his subject pictures, often based on the works of Sir Walter Scott, but he never received the official recognition he sought. He returned to Edinburgh in 1852 as Director of the Trustees' Academy. Lauder was also a hugely influential teacher. His pupils included Orchardson, Pettie, McTaggart and Chalmers.