Robert Colquhoun Figures in a Farmyard 1953 © The Estate of Robert Colquhoun. All Rights Reserved 2017/ Bridgeman Images


Born 1914
Died 1962
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Kilmarnock
Death place London

Colquhoun was born in Kilmarnock. He studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1933 to 1938, where he met Robert MacBryde. The two immediately formed a close friendship and became known as 'the two Roberts'. In 1944 they moved to London, where they were drawn into the Neo-Romantic group, finding a studio which they shared with the painter John Minton. By the mid-1940s Colquhoun's style had turned towards a bleak, almost existential view of the world. His famously boisterous lifestyle earned him a reputation which often threatened to eclipse his art.