Pordenone (Giovanni Antonio de’ Sacchis) The Continence of Scipio 1530 - 1535 Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture collections, David Laing Bequest (on loan to the Scottish National Gallery)


Born about 1484
Died 1539
Nationality Italian

Pordenone was a painter of large-scale altarpieces and murals for churches. He was born and trained in Pordenone, a small town on the Venetian mainland from which he took his name, and he spent most of his early career there. As his reputation grew, he began to receive a number of important commissions from churches in other regions of Italy. He visited Rome around 1516, where he had the opportunity to study the early work of Raphael and Michelangelo. From 1527 until his death he spent most of his time in Venice, where he worked on various projects including the fresco decorations in San Rocco, Santo Stefano, and Palazzo d’Anna.