Pietro Malombra St Stanislaus Raising a Dead Man, with St Hyacinth Kneeling before the Trinity Above 1607 - 1612 Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture collections, David Laing Bequest (on loan to the Scottish National Gallery)


Born 1556
Died 1618
Nationality Italian
Birth place Venice
Death place Venice

Malombra was from Venice and is believed to have been a pupil of the artist Giuseppe Salviati. Both men admired and were influenced by the work of Tintoretto. Malombra was mainly a painter of altarpieces and mythologies, but he was closely involved in the large-scale redecoration of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice following the fires of 1574 and 1577. His contribution to Venetian painting is difficult to assess as most of the paintings ascribed to him in contemporary records have either been lost or remain unrecognised. Even fewer of his drawings survive, but those that have been identified reveal that he was a talented draughtsman.