Pieter van Bloemen Landscape with Herdsmen and Animals in front of the Baths of Diocletian, Rome About 1700


Born 1657
Died 1720
Nationality Flemish
Birth place Antwerpen

Pieter van Bloemen was a Flemish artist, and master in the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke. A prolific painter, he was at the height of his career during an extended stay in Rome from 1687-1692. He mostly painted landscapes with figures and animals either travelling or at rest, although he also painted military and genre scenes. Van Bloemen’s landscapes are imbued with a distinctly ‘Roman’ atmosphere, his figures and animals are often placed in scenes that include the ancient ruins. In Rome, he joined the Schildersbent, a confraternity of Dutch and Flemish artists who called themselves ‘Bentveughels’ (birds of a feather) and assigned each other mocking nicknames. Van Bloemen’s was ‘Standaart’ (meaning banner or flag), undoubtedly because of the standards he included in his military paintings.